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I've started asking my coteacher to teach me at least one word a day. If I don't write these things down, then I'll never remember them.
***If anyone here sees an error- I'm new to Korean- please point it out and correct me!***

October 6, 2010
감기-  a cold.               Pronounce- kaum-gi
추워요- it's cold.                            chu-wo-yo
좋아요- I like...                              jo-ah-yo
(비빔밥) 좋아요- I like (bibimbap).

It's important to distinguish the 'ch' and 'j' sounds in 추 and 좋 because the pronunciations sound very similar.

**TTMIK Level 2- Lesson 1**

갈 거예요- I will go. I'm going to go.
지금  갈 거예요- I'm going to go now.
혼자 갈 거예요- I'm going to go alone.
내일 갈 거예요- I'm going to go tomorrow.

입을 거예요- I'm going to wear.

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