Universal Lesson Plans

I'm going to try to upload all of my lesson plans, to be used as resources. PLEASE give me feedback, especially if you improve something!

Introduction- Who is this white guy and why is he here? I wonder if he likes steak...
For my first lesson this year I did a basic introduction. Many people might choose to go over rules- really, a wise thing to do- I did not. I have a really strong coteacher and with our powers combined the classroom management issue is not an issue.
The class start with my coteacher saying in Korean that in the US the teachers know that students are listening when they are making eye contact and their mouths are closed (being quiet). When she does this I point to my eyes and then raise my right hand and make the Quiet Coyote sign. (Like I love you in sign, but your thumb, middle, and ring fingers make a snout.)
Go over whatever your greeting routine is- in South Korea it's part of the national curriculum to go over the date every class.
Deliver slideshow! Introduction. The slide uploaded to google docs a bit strangely- so yeah, there are some mistakes.
The only part I change depending on grade is the last part- "Nameplate". The game took the entire class with 3rd grade, with a review session at end. By 4th grade they're starting to learn to write, so I had them make nameplates- same with 5th. For 6th I passed out small pieces of paper and had the students write an "I like" sentence and then draw a picture. They then had to re-enact a dialog that we illustrated using their sentences- after each dialog encounter they trade their papers and they recieve a new "I like" sentence.

Voila- first lesson, complete!

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