Teacher Resources!!!

Create an account here- trust me, it's worth it. Many wonderful powerpoints and lesson ideas and all they ask is that you eventually submit some of your ideas.

Not just for Daejeon teachers! They offer prizes to people that submit the most lessons and those that submit the best lessons. Seriously, like 30,000 won a month to the winners.

I'm told there are resources here, though I haven't actually looked yet...

A lecturer from the August 2010 EPIK Team 2 Orientation- has some great advice. Also links some lesson ideas and a lesson plan template.

I also think it's important that we attempt to learn the language while we're here. Yes, it is difficult. No, you will not learn it overnight. Livemocha has some decent beginner lessons- though the coolest part about livemocha is that it can put you into contact with other language learners with whom you can have 'cafe' like language learning sessions online.

Website that goes along with the elementary curriculum.

Pretty sweet blog for EPIK teachers! Check it out.

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