Thursday, November 11, 2010


A lot has happened in the past several weeks and perhaps I'll mention most of it here.
I went hiking two weekends ago! It was so much fun although incredibly tiring. Korean mountains just go straight up, there are no switchbacks like you see on US trails- they opt for ropes tied to tree as extra balance for the really steep parts rather than zig-zag trails. One of my co-teachers took a few pictures; I plan on stealing them from her at some point.

Brian and I have established contact with two Korean English Teachers that we met whilst Noraebanging with friends on Halloween. We met them for dinner the day after the norae experience- I was so hung over I couldn't even touch the food (first somaek experience)... not the best first impression. Luckily, they stuck around and we're now meeting them once a week for language exchange. Learning Korean is super fun!

Today, 11/11, was Paepaero day. Look it up.

I'll add more later, I'm super tired... experiencing my first cold in Korea ("that's too bad") and I also kind of lost my voice... which made teaching English a difficult task today. Luckily my goal for most classes is to get the students to speak WAY more than I do, so it could have been worse had I failed goal.

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  1. good post looking forward to hearing more from you, is there anything happening in korea about the recent attack?