Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Marry Christmas"

I wish I could be with my grandfather when he receives all of the letters that I had my Drama Club students write to him. In the past two years he's lost a daughter and a wife, so he's a bit lonely right about now. Hoping these might cheer him up. :-)
I had them write a letter on the inside with a little bit about themselves. Of course they all felt the need to tell him what they thought of his grandson... some of the most memorable quotes being:
"I like Mr. Fitz his legs are long."
"My friends like Mr. Fitz."
"Mr. Fitz is very handsome and he has a husky voice."
-or when talking about themselves-
"I like to eat pizza and chicken so I am a little fat."
"I have one brothers and one kangaroo."
"This is my address (insert address here) PLEASE SEND ME GIFT."

I'm super thankful to have students that were willing to humor me and help me put a smile on good ol' Papa's face. Yay Christmas.


  1. So sweet and awesome and a bit hilarious.

    Your gramps is going to love it and feel so honored.

    Way to go friend.

  2. Wow Aaron, this is so unbelievably sweet. (Sorry such a girlie thing to say, I know!) It really reminds me of when I left Sydney in June..I had been au-pairing for these 4 adorable kids but had to quit and fly home for my Grandpas funeral. All 4 kids wrote the most heart warming letters to me saying things like {If he loved you as much as you loved us, he must have been a great man{ and {I love you miss Janet with your big brown eye and orange hair{ Charming. :)