Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Week Off!

A short vacation has begun! I don't have a plan- other than to get out of my apartment on a series of day trips, or overnight trips... or multi-day trips... really depends on the wind I guess.
Some things I want to do.
-Visit aquarium and fish market in Busan
-Sit on the beach at Busan
-Return to Seoul and purchase some sort of travel instrument at the Nagwon Arcade
-Give Heather a high-five in Bucheon
-Put myself out there for adventure
-Find an art museum and feign pretension
-Drink with Koreans in a strange city
-Go to the movies (I love the movies)

What else should I do? Where else should I go? Do you have a couch?

1 comment:

  1. Hey - We have a couch! BUT, what I really want to say (wait, you're welcome to our couch, it's just not that far from your place) anyway, the past couple weeks there has been some 'Wii Bowling" outside of a bar in Dunsan-dong (a little near Yellow Taxi) and if you get a strike you win a FREE Movie ticket to CGV - just sayin'

    Happy Vacation!