Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of Year Happenings

The end of my contract year is just about upon me. This has been an interesting year filled with highs and lows; though it's certainly going out with a low. My coteacher for the first six months was amazing- seriously. We're still friends and I wouldn't have it any other way; but the powers that be deemed it time for her to move to a new school for my second six months. *Korean teachers move schools every five years.* It was simply her time to go.

The second 6 months have been a bit harder to get through, though I've still managed to do so- with grace and style! The first words that my new coteacher ever spoke to me in English were, "I really do not want to teach English." I've heard that just about every day since she arrived in the classroom. The sad part is, she doesn't teach English... I've been solo teaching four days a week while she either doesn't show up for class or sits at the computer doing paper work. Last week we had an Open Class together and it was the first (and only) time I have ever actually taught with her.
This semester, at times, was brilliant- students paying attention and delivering recently acquired English phrases with smiles and understanding! All of my classes receiving the coveted "3 Stars" grade for the day.
At other times it was dreadful- the blank stares as I struggle to explain new and difficult vocabulary without the help of a Korean translator; or controlling the classroom without the use of a Korean Whip!
Through it all I've grown and I've signed on for another year- with a catch. I plan on changing schools! I've already been informed that one of my choices has been filled~ boooo~ However, my second choice is still very possible. A great school in a better area of the city and close proximity to some awesome chingus of mine, and beer. And beer. I met with the current foreign teacher and one of the Korea teachers today, I think they are both in favor of me hopping on board, which is great. There are some obstacles to consider though...
* My current coteacher doesn't want me to leave. Why would she? She doesn't have to teach and can just do her paperwork while I'm around. It's a four day a week paid vacation. I'm worried that she'll sabotage my request to change schools by giving me a poor recommendation...
* Principal at the new school has to want me on board. Maybe not an issue, but if he says he wants a blonde-haired blue-eyed 20 something female, he'll get it.
* An English teacher at the new school is apparently crazy. The teachers at school refer to her as "마녀" or "witch". Would make for interesting work stories, but she currently hates the foreign teacher there, so him recommending me may be a bit difficult.

-currently 11:34 pm and I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep now-

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