Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Update

It's been a long time since I've posted which either means I've been having a splendid ol' time here in South Korea or I've done absolutely nothing and have had squat to write about. Well readers, it is my pleasure to inform you that the former is in fact, the truth.

Since my last post, almost four months ago (wow), there has been a monstrous amount of change in my life. I'm working at a new school, and it's going really well so far! I've changed apartments, it's much larger and actually feels like a home! Very exciting! I've traveled around Korea a bit, been to some festivals, drank my face off (far too often), and I even had my fortune read. Simply put, it's been a wonderful couple of months.

All this being said... I've been here for about 14 months now, and that's 14 months away from friends and family back home, lately I've been feeling quite lonely- which has certainly contributed to my keeping an active lifestyle- so it hasn't been too bad. Ever the optimist that I am, I really do try to stay positive. This winter I am planning a trip back to the states for about two or three weeks. It will be really great to see everyone again!

So, I am alive and I am mostly happy. :) I really want to hunker down and study a lot of Korean this year! I've been thinking of writing a few blog posts in Korean, a good study technique I reckon. Vocabulary is really what's killing me lately, it is unbelievable how many words this language has in it... that's a joke, of course there are a lot of words.

Expect another update about this past weekend and how amazing it was!

<3 Aaron

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