Friday, January 28, 2011

겨울 Happenings

I made it to the Busan Aquarium a couple weeks back. It was my first time in Busan and probably not the last. The city was wonderful, I wish I had spent some more time there, I'm thinking I should have spent the night but decided against it at the last minute and just got a train home. While in Busan I also went to the Museum of Modern Art- they had some pretty cool exhibits, most notable was the Henry Miller exhibit. Eventually I made my way to Busan Tower; I arrived just as the sun was setting which afforded me a wonderful panoramic view of a city gone dark coming to light. Other than photographs and memories I only took one thing back from Busan, a seashell.

I had a week of camp after my week of vacation. Perhaps some of the most fun that I've had in school in Korea. The kids were genuinely amazing- the camp was for less fortunate children, low income, low level, orphan type- you know the lot. I also made some new friends at camp! Other Korean and Native teachers.

Insert a Saturday trip to Lotte World here. I went with a couple Korean friends, Anna and Luka- the ones that Brian and I meet for language exchange. Ou
r weekly meetings have been less about language lately and more about just hanging out with friends, totally ok with me. So we went to Lotte world, the three of us- Brian is currently soaking up sun and avoiding clock spiders in the Land Down Under with his lovely lady, so he wasn't present. The day was AWESOME. I freakin' love amusement parks- the rides, the food, the atmosphere- totally dig it. The queues were a bit long, but most of the waits were worth it. My reaction to the rides was a bit different from all the Koreans around me... laughter. Instead of screaming, I laugh. I don't remember a time that I've laughed
as much and as genuinely as I did during some of the rides. SO much fun. We plan on going to Everland during spring break- a weekday this time.

Last Tuesday I met up with some Korean teachers and we went skiing at Muju Resort. It had been maybe two years since I skied, but it comes back pretty quick when you're flying down a mountain and need to remember how to slow down. We only spent three hours there- the total damage to my wallet was roughly 70,000 won, which isn't too bad considering I had to rent everything... even ski clothes. That night I met up with a cohort that I had met during camp the week prior.

The Groove Gate is near Jungangno Station; had I not been
led there then I would have undoubtedly failed to find it. The interior is something akin to the Ethnic Bar in Dunsan-dong, though a bit more open and sans hookahs. The owner is an ex-music producer named James (english name) who's really quite enjoyable to talk with. He's one of those guys that you just want to succeed- reminds me a bit of the owner at House Grill. We drank some beers while waiting for one more compatriot to arrive. Once she arrived and introductions were issued we ordered food, Pad Thai- only thing on the menu that night. I guess there's normally a cook that can do all sorts of Thai food, but he wasn't around that night so our host, James, offered us a dish that he would cook himself. Yes, it was delicious! I really want to make it back when the cook is around so I can try some other delicacies, I'm told the red curry is choice. James found out that I play banjo and I've been asked to return sometime in the future with the banj, I get nervous when I play in front of people, so
I've been practicing a bit more since Tuesday- I've even managed to get two new songs in my repertoire, 'Crazy' by Patsy Cline and 'Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps' originally by Osvaldo Farres. I should also mention that after a day of skiing with Koreans, a night drinking with two well-spoken Brits was just what I needed.

I suppose this is sufficient for now. I'd like to start writing more- not just blogging... fiction too. Here's a picture of Hemingway boxing in Africa. (Current desktop background)


  1. Thai! Thai! I KNEW there had to be a gem of Thai hiding in Daejeon - any chance they have Thai tea?...Doesn't matter - I'm down!

  2. I have no idea if they have Thai tea. I want to say yes, only because I also love it. Thai iced tea is perhaps one of my favorite liquids in the world. I think I'll be going back next Wednesday, if they're open- Lunar New Year and all that. You should probably come.

  3. "Other than photographs and memories I only took one thing back from Busan, a seashell."

    this made me smile. I don't know why, but... it's so you. I miss you. I'm glad you're having a grand time and I'm envious of your exciting life of adventure. I may be speaking a bit too soon, but I think perhaps an adventure is in store for me in the not-distant future. :)

    also, you can rent ski clothes?!?!??

  4. Yeah, do it! My room is tiny but I would gladly accommodate you and Nick, assuming he'd come too.

    Yeah, renting ski clothes was a bit weird (and awesome) as I'm sure they don't wash them in between rentals. My jacket still had the prior day's lift ticket on it. That being said, I was supremely warm.

  5. This post is great timing, as I just got back from Thailand and was wondering if there was somewhere to get Thai food in Daejeon! What is this place near?

  6. Near Jungangno Station along the subway line- I'll try to map it out sometime on Google maps, when I can remember more precisely where it is.

  7. That would be awesome, thanks!